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the what i watched tonight podcast

The What I Watched Tonight Show

Matt Hudson invited me to hang out on his podcast this weekend, and we all know I'll take any chance I can get to sit down and chat about movies.

We chatted about my recent re-watching of Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men and how my mind was re-blown by how incredible this film is - I remember being an emotional mess from it's bleak dystopian themes the first time watching it in 2006, but re-watching it all these years later was like watching it again for the first time. An absolutely must see and Clive Owen in one of his best roles.

There was a change of pace towards the end of the show as we talked about being a film critic online - any advice? 

The first step to getting started as a movie reviewer is to find your courage AND JUST START. There is no right or wrong way to do it. 

As simple as that sounds, it is actually the biggest deterrent for new reviewers thinking about starting. Reviewing your first film can be super intimidating but just take the plunge and start first, then later on you can grow and improve.

I've taken a short clip from the show for you to listen to below. 

Thanks so much to Matt for having me on his podcast! Check out more from Matt over on What I Watched Tonight. 

An excerpt from the podcast:

MH: What kind of words of advice could you give anyone out there who just wants to get in the game?

AD: Ahhhhh, pearls of wisdom…  well for anyone starting out interested in reviewing movies the biggest step is to really just start. I think it can be really overwhelming especially if you love movies, I’m sure there are reviewers that you follow and personalities and YouTubers and all that kind of stuff. It can be really inspiring to see all these people’s journeys and see what they’re doing but it can also be so intimidating you see all these people out there talking about movies and you think they’re already doing it, why should I start? I think just starting and having that courage to believe that what you say is worthy and people would love to hear what you have to say because you bring your own unique perspective to every movie that you watch. I think just taking the first initial step and starting whether that’s creating a blog and starting writing or if you’re not ready to create your own blog maybe it’s guesting on someone else blog and writing a guest post or becoming part of a website that had many writers or just start starting that youtube channel just picking up that microphone and starting that podcast is the biggest first step.

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MH: Amen. Confidence, courage and just do it. I think is the message there. Do you remember when you first decided to do it all those 4 years ago?


AD: All those 4 years ago! I didn’t have that courage at first and I definitely hid behind the Roll Credits persona, I created Roll Credits because I did not want to attach my real name to it in case the whole thing was really embarrassing and nobody watched, then I could just delete it and nobody would ever know it was me and we could pretend it never happened. I do know for the longest time I didn’t have my name connected with Roll Credits and so when I very first put out my first video, yeah it was extremely nerve-racking especially with YouTube because you have your face on there. Your face is on the internet so you really are opening up yourself to be judged on many levels and that can be very very scary but you learn quickly to grow a thick skin and if you truly love it you find you will attract people who love movies too, who love it too and stick with you for the right reasons and building that community and seeing that grow over time is the most rewarding thing. 


MH: It’s obviously working as well so well done to you for that. Just quickly, do you remember what your first video was?


AD: I do actually. My very very first review is still alive, it’s still around out there and that is “Under The Skin” a sci-fi film with Scarlett Johansson


MH: It bent my head a bit that film did. 


AD: Yes! And the reason I really got started and that was one of my first films was because it’s a very female heavy film with strong female character with a lot of sexuality of stuff and layers in her character. And I was really interested to see what other women were saying about this character and what they thought about how she portrayed it and what the filmmaker was trying to say with sexuality and I wasn’t really seeing many other females talking about it or I couldn’t really find any female reviewers who had talked about it. That’s what really made me think “oh maybe I could talk about it.” That’s really how it started. 

The first ever movie review uploaded to the ROLL CREDITS YouTube channel

The first ever movie review uploaded to the ROLL CREDITS YouTube channel


MH: That’s an interesting way of getting started, I like the fact that it wasn’t just “I liked the film so I’m going to go and review it,” there was that deeper meaning to it. I guess it left the impression on you that you wanted to go and find out what likeminded people were thinking plus it opened your eyes to the fact there weren’t as many female reviewers out there and you could start your own charge. What better reason to get started. 


Listen to the full episode here