I’m Published

I've seen my work online before. My writing has been across several film blogs over the years and I've created many videos for other brands... but this is something new.

To see my name in actual physical print, inked in black inside a thick hard cover book, well that is just super exciting! 

One of my written chapters is about the Miyazaki film  My Neighbor Totoro  (1988)

One of my written chapters is about the Miyazaki film My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

I have a long love of the Japanese anime genre (all the way back from my Sailor Moon days) and when fellow film critic and YouTuber Chris Stuckmann approached me for his book Anime Impact, I was immediately on board.



The most fun thing about this book is that it features anime fans and industry voices from all around the world. It's a collection of personal stories and think pieces on the anime genre which spans over half a century. 

Chris has done a fantastic job of collating all these contributions across a tonne of wonderful titles, he also pens many entries himself as he is a very passionate and long standing anime fan. One chapter includes a very sweet personal story of how one anime show is the catalyst for how he met his future wife. Too cute!

Anime Impact is available to buy on Amazon and selected retailers


My two featured chapters are on the following titles:

My Neigbour Totoro (1988)

The Boy and The Beast (2015)


Maybe I've caught a bit of the writing bug now. I'm hoping this won't be the first and only time seeing my name in print! Watch this space ;)