Meeting Tom Cruise


The Mummy may not have been Universal's ticket to spinning off the Dark Universe franchise but that doesn't mean it's not a fun ride.

Tom Cruise gets to do in this movie what he does so well... be Tom Cruise. That means being the charming action hero superstar. I asked him what it was like to perform the film's signature stunt - a high altitude zero gravity plane crash sequence! 

You can watch the full video produced with Film Ink as we chat with the cast and director at Sydney's red carpet premiere.

Want to know what really goes into being a red carpet host?

Watch the below VLOG and follow me around for the whole day as I prepare to interview the cast of The Mummy. It's not all glitz and glam. There are errands to run in the morning, watching the film to prepare some good questions and then A LOT of waiting on the carpet for the stars to arrive. 


Big thank you to my camera man Adam McPhil!

Big thank you to my camera man Adam McPhil!