LOTR Movie Marathon


Achievement unlocked!

I undertook the personal movie challenge of a lifetime and did something worthy of my movie bucket list: watching all 3 extended editions of The Lord of the Rings movie marathon style.

I have watched these films plenty of times in the past, but never back to back up on the big screen. In fact, I hadn't seen any of these films on the big screen since they very first released. 


Such a fun day and I'm so glad I was able to cross this off my movie bucket list. I don't know the next event that will see me spending an entire Sunday from morning to midnight at the cinema. 

Check out my VLOG and enjoy a condensed 10 minute cut down of this 12 hour saga.

Massive shout out to the Ritz Cinema for putting on this cult gathering of Middle Earth fans. To be honest, I was beyond impressed with the turn up of die hard fans lined up down the street at 11:00AM on a Sunday morning ready for a 12 hour epic adventure.

The Ritz Cinema, Randwick has to be one of my favourite cinemas in Sydney. They are always hosting retrospective screenings and various movie fan events - love it.