Hi, I'm Adelle, the creator and host of Roll Credits. Here are a few frequently asked questions about me.

Have any other questions or want to get in touch?
Send me a message.

Where do you live?
Sydney Australia mate.

What is your favourite movie of all time?
This is a question I get asked a lot! It would have to be, without a doubt The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Watch my storytime video and you can find out why.

Do you work in the film industry?
I sure do! I currently work a full time job for a production company. In my role, I am often working out on location on various film sets which is my favourite part of production.

What movies do you recommend?
If you want to see what I've been watching lately, you can go check out my Letterboxd Diary page where I keep note of all the new release films I've watched lately.


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Why don't you rate movies in your reviews?
I don't verbally rate movies in my video reviews - see what I think about rating movies here. However, I do give a star rating to every movie written in the description box of each video review or find my ratings over on my Letterboxd page too.