Stardust App Review


It's like insta-stories but for movie fans.

Did that get your attention? If you haven't come across the Stardust App before, it's a video community for movie fans to share trailer reactions, season finale spoilers, episodic highlights for every single episode of any tv show ever and bite size mini-movie reviews.  

Stardust lives in the 'reaction' family of apps that allows you to candidly speak from your smartphone to the world instantly.


No fancy YouTube edit skills required!

You can share videos from 3-30 seconds and categorise them directly to their corresponding movie or tv show and most importantly out onto the rest of your social platforms.

I've been enjoying the app for nearly 6 months now and have built over 2000 followers who tune in to watch my undigested and unscripted thoughts on everything I'm currently watching. It's great being able to quickly share bits and pieces of content that would never usually make it over to YouTube or the Blog - like trailer reactions, re-watched movies and reviews of older movies.

I'm really enjoying sharing my bite-sized content on the app!

Check out the app for free. Download here 


Make sure you follow me @RollCredits and tag me in your reactions so I can see them.

I'll see you there. 



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