Why you should watch more foreign movies

So you want to broaden your movie-watching horizons? 

Watching films that are not from your native country are the most eye-opening way to absorb cultural perspectives without leaving your home. Even if they don't consciously intend to, filmmakers leave their marks all over their movies - they bring their own ideals and values to the way they share their stories. The exact same story, re-told in different regions of the world will be completely different. 

Not sure where to start? 

If you're not used to seeking out films you've never heard of before, it can be daunting. The American film market is a movie making machine and you have to wade through the noise to find what you're looking for. Even then, foreign movies can take months to release worldwide, making it even more difficult for movie goers to find in theatres. Netflix and VOD are very slowly starting to close that gap.

In the video 'An Introduction to Foreign Movies,' I will share with you the value of watching foreign films to widen your overall movie appreciation skills. I've also included five essential movies you need to watch to help you get you started.


Don't be afraid of subtitles! 

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