OSCAR - Who Will Win?

Ranking all the Oscars nominated best picture movies.

You know I love the Oscars every year. Some people roll their eyes at me and say that it's all a load of old rich Hollywood-types patting themselves on the back and not about the craft of movie making anymore. I don't care. I love the glitz, I love the glam and I love that this is a time of year when movie critics, fans, budding filmmakers and my Aunt May who doesn't go to the cinema more than once per year, can all be united in the love of cinema. Who will win? Who deserves to win? Who was left out? It's all on the table and the hype and buzz - I'm here for it!



This is my 4th year predicting all 24 categories. I walk you through the logic behind my choices and who I think the Academy will vote to take home the little gold man.

Oscars 2018 Predictions - Who Will Win Academy Awards Best Picture? Will it be the front runners "The Shape of Water" or "Three Billboards OUtside Ebbing Missourit" or will "Get Out" come through and steal the show?


After all is done and dusted for another year let's wrap up how I fared with my predictions and what I thought of this years ceremony.

You can breathe a sigh of relief PWC, this years ceremony went off without a hitch and without a bombshell Moonlight win. This year seemed pretty safe and easy going. I didn't get to watch the entire ceremony though, so please share with me what your highlights of the evening were!